You Deserve to Feel Joy!

Please Woman, Let Yourself Be Joyful

I know that women have a major conditioning of pain, suffering, and in some cases such debilitating fear. From centuries of conditioning, trauma, and abuse. From their own lives, from their past lives, from their ancestors — it can seem overwhelming and endless. I understand. 

I also need to tell you, because your heart has been asking me to share, that it is absolutely possible for you to feel and reside fully in the space of joy. 

Yes, I said the word joy. 

Did you know that up until about two years ago the word joy was actually one of my least favourite words? Because of the way I had previously experienced my life, based on the challenging events of my childhood I was absolutely conditioned to fear, dislike, and shut down the feelings of joy.

I can even remember a time, where I didn’t logically understand that joy and being happy, was an emotional state that was available to me

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I had chosen sadness and anger as the two of the most prominent emotional filters of which I experienced my life, because I convinced myself they were safer and more 'comfortable'. I also wholeheartedly believed that it was wrong and scary to express and feel joy out in the world. I used to believe that if I felt joy, it meant that I was leaving people behind. 

In my mind, letting myself feel joy meant something terrible was bound to happen next. I always kept myself on edge — ready, and waiting for the shoe to drop.  

Now I do not want any of this for you, I want you to know that it is so possible for your heart to expand from the inside and out into the world!

How amazing would that feel? 

Who would you be if you just allowed yourself to release your years of sadness, shame, guilt and step fully into your true soul expression of love, excitement, bubbly laughter, joy and sensual bliss?! 

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I am writing this to you with so much heart, because I’ve felt it. I’ve made the conscious transition for myself, and I’m watching and seeing so many of the women I work with right now expand into their emotional richness. 

Your vibrancy is so needed in this world. 

On an emotional level this is means pure freedom for so many of you. And I know I can support you through your unconscious pain and into your very conscious fullness and vibrancy of being. 

I want this for you and so much more…

I know that the words I’m speaking you’ve read many times before and easily dismissed them, but if you feel into your heart and connect into mine, I’m sure you’ll feel these internal truths. 


Let yourself be joyful.

For me personally, this is so much more than a fad or a marketing tool. I truly believe that your heart can be activated to such great heights through the work of Soul Therapy and I’m determined to see many more women experience this for themselves, their families, and the communities they serve. 

It is one of my missions to inspire women all over the world in aligning to their highest soul expressions, and even if this email is all it takes for you to choose more joy today and for your future then my heart is absolutely full. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

All My Love,