Self-Love is Your Own Personal Superpower ~ We Are The Only Ones Who Can Love Ourselves

Self-love is a superpower that only you are able to use on yourself.

(No one else can 'do' it for you, or to you...
trust me I've tried everything in the books.)

We are the only ones who can love ourselves, the way we so deeply want to be loved.

Yesterday I had a self-love reality check. And I noticed that some of the things I’m consciously doing now for self-love are things I never imagined that I’d need to have reminders for...But when you’re self-sabotaging tendencies are getting the best of you it’s wise to have some tips and tricks for setting healthy boundaries for yourself.

Here’s what self-love looks like for me these days:

  • Reaching out to a friend and asking her to hold space for you while you talk things through. I am the kind of person who needs to be able to communicate what is going on in my brain and heart so that I can receive tactile feedback and validate what I’m working on or towards. This helps me feel like I’m on the right track, while also reassuring me that I’m feeling safe, seen and heard.

  • Putting daily limits on my social media apps and shutting down my screen time for my mental, and emotional health between 10am-7pm. As well as an hour after wake-up and an hour before bed.

  • Making the effort to dress well, and take time for really taking care of my personal hygiene. Giving attention to what I’m putting on my skin, my hair and my nails. (Even if I'm working from home.)

  • Scheduling the time to do things that really feed me and that I get excited about even if they seemingly have no purpose or instant return on investment. It looks like making choices that allow me to feel safe, and get grounded into my reality so that I can make the changes and take the actions that are going to support my vision in the long-run.

  • It looks like committing to doing things that scare me and are outside of my comfort zone, like meeting people more face to face and sitting down to write more often.

  • Setting a hard boundary on what time I get into my bed each night, so that I wake up feeling rested and can get a better start to my mornings. I'm also doing this so that I can get my circadian rhythm back on track, instead of letting myself watch tv or scroll until I’m over tired and drained.

  • Eating more hydrating raw and fresh foods, and less fast food. It’s giving myself the chance to prepare the nourishment that is going into my body with love and presence.  ⠀

What are YOUR self-love highlights right now? Tell me what you’re working on when it comes to loving yourself.

I would love to hear, and I’m right here to guide you with anything if it feels like you’re needing someone to validate and re-affirm your inner most truths too.

If you need permission to love and invest in yourself,
I’ll gladly be the one to give it to you.

I want to support you in committing to some new practices and routines that will make you feel your best.