Past Life Regression

Professional Past Life Regression is an opportunity to communicate with your soul and gain access to your own internal wisdom by recalling memories of past lives that have been suppressed, dulled, or forgotten. 

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Many people live their current lives on Earth with the feeling that they've lived time and time again, that they have known someone from another life, or have felt or been told they are an "old soul". A professional Past Life Regression allows you to heal any lingering issues and patterns showing up from your past and consciously integrate your findings through the guidance of your regression therapist. It allows you to answer some of those large looming questions that have been waiting to be answered for lifetimes. 

Experiencing a professional Past Life Regression can lead you to new insights and reveal parts of yourself that haven't yet been introduced to you, but that are yearning to come to the surface so that you may play and fully engage with your own unique gifts in the world!

In your two hour session you will receive a 30 minute consultation, a relaxing guided regression, that will take you to the places your soul most wants to go for integral healing, growth, and spiritual development that is exactly right for you at that time. Past Life Regressions are vital for enabling you to let go, forgive, find clarity, and reveal to yourself your inner most truths. 

After your session you are likely to feel lighter, more at ease and embraced in a wash of peace and serenity as you've completed an old soul journey and have been able to heal and release any emotional, mental, and physical burdens that have carried over many lifetimes. 

Vanessa was helpful in guiding me before the session in confirming specific things that I wanted to know about, like my strong connection to my oldest daughter or other people in my life, and who was I or what parts of my past self were strongly with me in the present.
— Julie Corriveau