Generational Healing™ ~  7-Day Certification Training with Vanessa Faria  


Heal Your Ancestral Lineage & Your Future

If you would like to become a Certified Generational Healer™ and begin serving humanity, I will be offering a live 7-Day Certification in Generational Healing™ Certification this year. Your first step is to enrol in The 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings Online with Deborah Skye, founder of Generational Healing™.

After you are completed the 13-weeks of initiation work to ripen, ignite and open your spiritual gifts to trust your intuition, you will be prepared to enter in the 7-day certification training in Generational Healing™ with Vanessa.

What Women Are Saying About This Training

Vanessa was a fantastic teacher during the 7 Day Generational Healing™ training I took in October 2018. She had a great ability to deliver new information in a clear and concise way, making it easy to understand. When questions arose, she was patient and honest in her responses. Giving examples to help clarify your understanding of the topic. The emotional support she offered during the week was unwavering, which is needed with this type of teachings. I always felt comfortable with her and was able to then dive deeper into the work as a result. If you are thinking of doing a Generational Healing™ training, I would highly recommend Vanessa as your guide. —Miranda Brooking
In the training, I was able to receive healing during our daily practice. In these, I was able to connect with ancestors from my mothers and fathers lineage. I was able to learn about the different emotional, physical and mental issues that each bloodline experienced and still experience today, that have been carried forward and have become generational patterns. Things my parents do, feel or say that I also realize is the same in me. —Julie Corriveau

Upcoming 7 Day Trainings with Vanessa Faria

Toronto, Ontario - October 5-11 2019