This podcast was created to honour all aspects of our journeys as we collectively continue to heal the parts within ourselves, our families and communities that ask for our conscious attention and cultivation. 


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It’s for all that ways and places that healing exists in our lives. Here is where I hope to share the stories that can bring a little more courage to your heart and a renewed sense of purpose to your soul. 

My intention is to bring honest and compassionate conversations from people who are actively doing their part in healing so that we may learn from one’s another’s expertise and experience. This podcast is intended for all who are seeking more health, happiness, joy, freedom, ease, abundance, peace and flow in any & all areas of their lives.

I continue to meet so many incredible healers, teachers, leaders, artists, and change-makers along the way, and I want to offer you a chance to hear about what they offer in a way that is inspiring and empowering for your own life.

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EP. 00 Teaser EPISODE with vanessa Faria

An introduction to Vanessa Faria and the All That Heals Podcast with a few words on healing. Thank you for listening.

Ep. 02 Ines Heals

Ines from Ines Heals shares about managing attachment and desire, and the mystery of karma. Balancing the material and esoteric world for self-liberation and enlightenment through astrology.

ep. 04 LIana Carbone

Liana owner of HAVEN creative space in Montreal shares all about her personal healing journey, working through hormonal imbalances and how she healed her benign brain tumour through her love of art.

ep. 07 amber ellis

Amber Ellis from Creating Light Studio and Vanessa share a captivating heart to heart on how photography can be used to capture the messier moments of our lives.

ep. 02 Sarah Chrsitine

Sarah and I share all about Soul Therapy, what it’s like for both of us to support women as Licensed Soul Therapists, our time working together and what her process was like going through the 3 Month Heart Immersion program with me as her guide.

ep. 05 ashley ann

Ashley Ann Pereira is a young author (The Key to Happiness), speaker and healing coach who is captivating and deeply nurturing in her change-making. Together they share their stories of forgiveness, change, and how writing letters have been monumental in starting their healing processes with family and friends.

Ep. 08 Aliana

In this episode Yogini Aliana joins Vanessa to deconstruct mindfulness and discuss how incorporating meditative practices in your daily life can support your personal wellbeing.

EP. 03 Crystal Rasmussen

Crystal Rasmussen and Vanessa discuss their journey becoming Generational Healers™ & Spiritual Guides and working with the ancestors to heal generational trauma that is passed down through the bloodline. 

ep. 06 darren austin hall

We explore how men and women can engage with each other more deeply when both sexes have compassion and a greater sense of the collective wounding.