You Do Not Have To Face Life's Challenges Alone ~ I Am Here for You

You do not have to go through life’s challenges alone.

I don’t want you to ever believe that for a second.


As a Soul Therapist I am not just your regular spiritual or psycho-therapist. What I do is unique in that I support your being, in grounding into your absolute truth and authenticity.

Using an Integrative WholeBody System™ I act as the bridge from where you are now, to where you desire to be.

And I do this by deep listening to your mind, your emotions, your physical body, your spirit and your soul to prompt it into alignment.

Here is where you receive insights and new ways of understanding and knowing yourself so that you can be empowered to more easily make the changes you need in your life. And boy, does that feel good!

So many of the women I’ve worked with, and even women who I just have one conversation with have told me that they love how practical and grounded my approach to spirituality is.

And when they apply what we’ve worked on they usually say, “It was just so powerful to be aware of myself in this way.”

Or “I felt like I could manifest so much more this week, and be way more present to my actual life!”

Fully accepting who you are, and how you operate and how you’ve been conditioned to see the world allows you so much more freedom to just BE yourself and live your life with greater ease, joy and love.

Soul Therapist sessions with me are a gift to more than just your present self. They are a gift to your future self, your future family, and future generations to come who will be grateful that you took the time to heal and do this work for yourself.

I am here for you if you would like to transform. You can book a complimentary connection call with me anytime. 💛

I look forward to speaking with you! 😊

With Love,


If I Die, Celebrate with Me

I have shied away from writing a piece like this (though I’ve wanted to for years since I first read my dear friend Andrew Parr’s “If I Die” and was deeply moved and inspired to do the same) for fear that if I did everyone would think I was either ... self-proclaiming and hinting a future suicide (WHICH I AM MOST DEFINITELY NOT FOR THE RECORD) or that it would be an auspicious omen or self-fulfilling fate that if I die shortly after this is published, that I somehow knew when I was dying… (WHICH FOR THE RECORD I HAVE NO IDEA WHEN THAT TIME WILL BE)

But after having someone close to me pass suddenly, and being inspired by enough art and movies about health, healing, loving and dying I wanted to get this out.


If I die, and if it is possible to do so I’d like for you to lie and sit next to my body for as long as you need. Give yourselves time to say goodbye. Please clean, and bathe me with all natural products only. Do not change my body, allow it to leave the Earth in its most natural state. 

If I am able to donate my organs, I would be happy to do so for someone in need.

If I die, I’d like you to celebrate my earthly existence in a way that brings joy and meaning to your own lives, and that of others. Raising money for a special cause would be something that would deeply honour and humble me.

And if I have any children, pets or family that “survive” me, I ask with all my heart that my friends and community take good, good care of them for me. Cook them healthy meals, the kind I would have fed them. Speak gently and kindly to them, the way I would have spoken. Hug them and cuddle them often, the way I would have held them.

Guide them, and love them for all of your love combined will be something like my own.

Do not cremate me with chemicals, or ingest anything foreign into my body please. I do not want to be laid to rest in a shiny coffin. If you must burn my body, do it in a sacred fire ritual instead so that my spirit may be released and returned to light.

Spread my ashes in forests, beaches, and ocean water.

If I die, return me back to nature. I never spent enough time immersed there while I was I’d like to return there when I go. Take me to a place where there are no city sounds, or lights. Where the water flows clean and clear, and the grass is not sprayed with chemicals.

Release my body to the river, to the trees, to the animals…and place me deep within the Earth. Even plant me as a tree. I don’t mind if other creatures need my remains to feed and to live off of. If anything, I could owe them twice as much.

Celebrate me and the life I was fortunate to live with song, and with music. Celebrate me with your voices, and your dancing. Celebrate me with your prayers, and your actions.

Dance with my spirit, and feel me in your bones. For if you are dancing, if you are singing, and if you are feeling well then surely, I am with you.

Celebrate with performances, and laughter, and as many cheesy or sad songs and dances as you wish. Tears are always welcome, and encouraged. Sit with each other. Laugh with one another. Get closer. Lean in on my behalf.

Share healing, and sacred ceremony together on my behalf. Tell your stories, because I will want to hear them. Let it be a divine mix A colliding of the many wonders and colours, of my soul.

Know that I was grateful for so many of my days on this Earth, living and sharing in the human experience with you all. I am grateful I had all of the opportunities to grow, and feel so much of the physical sensations, challenges, and emotions that our souls sought out to evolve. 

Most importantly keep me alive in your memories, by living your best life. By laughing, and experiencing the fullness of heaven on Earth. By being exactly who you came here to be. Take care of your physical vessel. Love yourself and all others even more for me, and live your soul’s purpose while you are still here, dear one.

If I die, Celebrate with Me.

“I encourage you to write an “If I Die” of your own, and to post your link Here. I wrote this for myself and my loved ones — I see how we operate under the assumption that we will die in peace with our families knowing our wishes. I haven't seen many situations where that has happened. It's my necessity to share with my community while I have this life to do so. This is a living post and could also change, I will update if I feel the need.” — From Andrew Parr’s website (Thanks Andrew)

How to Know You Need A Generational Healing™ Session


How to Know You Need A Generational Healing™ Session

I personally usually feel intuitively when I’m being called to connect with my ancestors, so I reach out to one of my colleagues for a session but I always get asked how do I know if I need a Generational Healing session? And though everyone and literally, everyone can benefit from receiving a session here’s how to know if you’re someone who needs to receive a healing from your ancestors as soon as possible and should highly consider incorporating this into your self-care routine for personal and spiritual growth.

  • You are experience fear daily. If fear is a daily experience for you, or you find you are making your decisions from a place of scarcity, lack or not feeling safe then Generational Healing™ can support you in releasing this as often these are key emotions and feelings that our ancestors have experienced time and again and are asking to be set free so that you can live a more authentic and fully expressed life. 

  • You feel stuck or blocked, physically or energetically. Often clients who come to me share that they’ve been feeling heavy and foggy. They might share that they feel confused about life and what is next for them. Or they feel like there is a great weight or burden on their shoulders, their chest, or a gut wrenching feeling in the pit of their stomach that does not go away. 

  • You experience consistent lack of motivation...even though you know that there are great things going on in your life and you know you normally would be feeling excited or inspired by what you’re doing. The feeling of disconnection can be from an ancestor who needs you to support them in their evolution and healing by receiving a Generational Healing™ session. 

  • You have physical pain, that isn’t able to either heal itself or isn’t receptive to any other forms of treatment (physiotherapy, medication, change in diet etc) Often when your body is having a difficult time responding to treatment, healing or isn’t getting better on its own. It’s because it’s trying to communicate something to you and is asking to be healed on a soul or spiritual level. It may also need emotional and mental healing and shifts to support this transformation. In relationship to Generational Healing™, it could be that your physical injury or ailment is directly related to an ancestors trauma that is asking to be healed first and foremost, at the origin. 

  • You have personally experienced a trauma in your present life. If you are someone who has experienced a lot of traumatic events in your life then Generational Healing™ can be supportive in your healing because your ancestors most likely have also experienced trauma after trauma. Coming in for a Generational Healing™ can alleviate so much of the pain, and continuous trauma that so many people experience here on Earth. 

  • You are pregnant, trying to conceive, are a new or seasoned Mother. Women who are trying to conceive or are already pregnant are at such a prime time of receiving the Generational Healing™ work because their children are asking for healing from the trauma that their Mother or future Mother carries in her bloodline. This is where we can change the cycles of suffering that repeats generation after generation. 

  • You are desiring to evolve spiritually, and you are ready to be responsible for the healing that needs to take place in your ancestral lineage. You often feel the call to change the experiences that your parents once had, and at some point in your life promised yourself never to be like your parents/caregivers in whatever way you feel that they have failed, hurt or betrayed you. You may feel the shame and guilt that is carried because of finances, sexuality, abuse, not having a home, not feeling safe, always feeling fearful and you do not want to repeat these same cycles that you’ve witnessed your parents repeat over and over. You want it to end with you. 

If you have any questions, or you’re still not sure if Generational Healing™ is exactly right for you, I offer a 20-minute complimentary consultation by phone to discuss your unique situation. Book Your Complimentary Consultation Here:

When we connect I will be able to connect with your ancestors and confirm whether or not this method of healing would be best suited for you.


Self-Love is Your Own Personal Superpower ~ We Are The Only Ones Who Can Love Ourselves

Self-love is a superpower that only you are able to use on yourself.

(No one else can 'do' it for you, or to you...
trust me I've tried everything in the books.)

We are the only ones who can love ourselves, the way we so deeply want to be loved.

Yesterday I had a self-love reality check. And I noticed that some of the things I’m consciously doing now for self-love are things I never imagined that I’d need to have reminders for...But when you’re self-sabotaging tendencies are getting the best of you it’s wise to have some tips and tricks for setting healthy boundaries for yourself.

Here’s what self-love looks like for me these days:

  • Reaching out to a friend and asking her to hold space for you while you talk things through. I am the kind of person who needs to be able to communicate what is going on in my brain and heart so that I can receive tactile feedback and validate what I’m working on or towards. This helps me feel like I’m on the right track, while also reassuring me that I’m feeling safe, seen and heard.

  • Putting daily limits on my social media apps and shutting down my screen time for my mental, and emotional health between 10am-7pm. As well as an hour after wake-up and an hour before bed.

  • Making the effort to dress well, and take time for really taking care of my personal hygiene. Giving attention to what I’m putting on my skin, my hair and my nails. (Even if I'm working from home.)

  • Scheduling the time to do things that really feed me and that I get excited about even if they seemingly have no purpose or instant return on investment. It looks like making choices that allow me to feel safe, and get grounded into my reality so that I can make the changes and take the actions that are going to support my vision in the long-run.

  • It looks like committing to doing things that scare me and are outside of my comfort zone, like meeting people more face to face and sitting down to write more often.

  • Setting a hard boundary on what time I get into my bed each night, so that I wake up feeling rested and can get a better start to my mornings. I'm also doing this so that I can get my circadian rhythm back on track, instead of letting myself watch tv or scroll until I’m over tired and drained.

  • Eating more hydrating raw and fresh foods, and less fast food. It’s giving myself the chance to prepare the nourishment that is going into my body with love and presence.  ⠀

What are YOUR self-love highlights right now? Tell me what you’re working on when it comes to loving yourself.

I would love to hear, and I’m right here to guide you with anything if it feels like you’re needing someone to validate and re-affirm your inner most truths too.

If you need permission to love and invest in yourself,
I’ll gladly be the one to give it to you.

I want to support you in committing to some new practices and routines that will make you feel your best.

You Deserve to Feel Joy!

Please Woman, Let Yourself Be Joyful

I know that women have a major conditioning of pain, suffering, and in some cases such debilitating fear. From centuries of conditioning, trauma, and abuse. From their own lives, from their past lives, from their ancestors — it can seem overwhelming and endless. I understand. 

I also need to tell you, because your heart has been asking me to share, that it is absolutely possible for you to feel and reside fully in the space of joy. 

Yes, I said the word joy. 

Did you know that up until about two years ago the word joy was actually one of my least favourite words? Because of the way I had previously experienced my life, based on the challenging events of my childhood I was absolutely conditioned to fear, dislike, and shut down the feelings of joy.

I can even remember a time, where I didn’t logically understand that joy and being happy, was an emotional state that was available to me

Choose (2).png

I had chosen sadness and anger as the two of the most prominent emotional filters of which I experienced my life, because I convinced myself they were safer and more 'comfortable'. I also wholeheartedly believed that it was wrong and scary to express and feel joy out in the world. I used to believe that if I felt joy, it meant that I was leaving people behind. 

In my mind, letting myself feel joy meant something terrible was bound to happen next. I always kept myself on edge — ready, and waiting for the shoe to drop.  

Now I do not want any of this for you, I want you to know that it is so possible for your heart to expand from the inside and out into the world!

How amazing would that feel? 

Who would you be if you just allowed yourself to release your years of sadness, shame, guilt and step fully into your true soul expression of love, excitement, bubbly laughter, joy and sensual bliss?! 

Book It Today

I am writing this to you with so much heart, because I’ve felt it. I’ve made the conscious transition for myself, and I’m watching and seeing so many of the women I work with right now expand into their emotional richness. 

Your vibrancy is so needed in this world. 

On an emotional level this is means pure freedom for so many of you. And I know I can support you through your unconscious pain and into your very conscious fullness and vibrancy of being. 

I want this for you and so much more…

I know that the words I’m speaking you’ve read many times before and easily dismissed them, but if you feel into your heart and connect into mine, I’m sure you’ll feel these internal truths. 


Let yourself be joyful.

For me personally, this is so much more than a fad or a marketing tool. I truly believe that your heart can be activated to such great heights through the work of Soul Therapy and I’m determined to see many more women experience this for themselves, their families, and the communities they serve. 

It is one of my missions to inspire women all over the world in aligning to their highest soul expressions, and even if this email is all it takes for you to choose more joy today and for your future then my heart is absolutely full. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

All My Love,