13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings ~ Apprenticeship Training for Women Worldwide

Calling all women who feel they are healers, sages, souls of the ancient ways, seers and story tellers. You are the wise women who are awakening to your ancient lineage.
Your body is remembering her powers, she is asking you to step into her spiritual gifts.

"Modern civilization has lost connection with her language of the body & soul. The spiritual union that is etched within each and every human being is seeking connection & wholeness once again.

Your genetic lineage tells stories of how, when, why and where you were separated from your truth. It also shares how to reconnect back into the original coding to enhance your spiritual evolution & ground into your power. We have proof of our spirit – in action – within our cells.

You were born to express & live out your soul expression by embracing & being at one with your spiritual gifts. This is your NORMAL state of being."

– Deborah Skye King, Founder of Generational Healing™

Heal Your Ancestral Lineage & Your Future

If you would like to become a Certified Generational Healer™ and begin serving humanity, I will be offering a live 7-Day Certification in Generational Healing™ Certification this year. Your first step is to enrol in The 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings Online with Deborah Skye, founder of Generational Healing™ and assisted by me.

After you are completed the 13-weeks of initiation work to ripen, ignite and open your spiritual gifts to trust your intuition, you will be prepared to enter in the 7-day certification training in Generational Healing™.