What Does Expanding Consciousness Mean to You? ~ Conscious Expansion is A Gift for Us All

If someone asked you, what does it mean to be conscious, and spiritually awakened…? 

What would you say? 

To me it means being highly attuned to your own being and the energy that you are carrying, and emitting everywhere you go.
This includes being mindful of how you speak, the language you use, the tone and nuance of your voice when you express yourself both internally, and outwardly in conversation with others.

It means using your intelligence for the greater good, and using it to support a positive thought process in your own mind. It means being able to recognize when you are repeating outdated thought forms, or being influenced by others so that you can change your mindset to promote more peace. It means taking care of your personal mental and emotional health so that you can feel your best and begin to live as authentically as possible.

It also means, being aware of more than just yourself. Being mindful of how all other living beings, systems, and things are operating, flowing, and simultaneously existing in the world, and beyond. When you are spiritually awakened there is a great realization that can make its way into your heart, mind and soul...that everything is interconnected.
You begin to live in alignment to the spiritual law, where there is no separation between this or that, her or him, me or we.


I personally believe that wherever we have come from before entering the physical body, we have already known the feeling of true enlightenment at some point along our soul’s journey. And yet, for many of us we still choose to come back to Earth in the human form to challenge ourselves and experience something new, or to carry out specific missions to assist our planet's evolution.

We come to give ourselves an opportunity to remember,
to evolve into and embody on the physical plane what we know so well on the ethereal planes.

My personal journey of spiritual awakening, evolving consciousness and quest for enlightenment teaches me so much about our human nature. It shows me how difficult it can seem for those of us who are just beginning to desire more clarity and authenticity for themselves and their families. You want to make some major changes but don't quite know how.

If you feel you'd like support with this, I am here for you.

There are so many things that are made to distract us, to keep us feeling like we can not be or do better than whatever our current or past experiences have been, but I know that there is so much more that SO many people could be experiencing on this planet, and we are barely skimming the surface when it comes to utilizing our consciousness to its fullest capacity.

My heart finds strength in knowing that when we decide to continuously move through the challenges and opportunities that life offers us with as much faith, grace and humility as possible there is so much to gain for all of us

So this mid-week love-note is just a reminder for you if you have recently found yourself stuck in a rut, working non-stop, or feeling a little lack-lustre about the path and trajectory of your days...to love yourself.
To love and honour your journey because it is always being divinely executed by your soul’s choosing.

Do your best to offer yourself and those you meet a little more compassion, support and honest connection today.


Final Challenge:

Seek out the meaning of consciousness in as many of your daily interactions with yourself and others as you can...

Knowing that each time you practice it, you embody it a little more, and the world will be better for it. 

With love & blessings,