I Can Help You Find Your Dream Home

There’s a really interesting theme I’m noticing when I’m working with my Soul Therapy clients as of late that I thought might be worth sharing with you...

I have lived on this Earth for 24 years and through these years I have moved at least 9 times.

For the most part, this has truthfully caused me a lot of personal instability, a feeling of detachment, and lack of safety throughout my life. But what I’m starting to see through the women I work with, is that my personal struggle has now become an incredible gift of helping them find their dream homes.


Because I’ve moved so many times in my life, each one getting closer and closer to what I need and desire at that phase — it’s given me the ability to help them find new homes for them and their families that are in vibrational alignment to their soul’s desires.

Spaces speak to me.

Energetically, I receive the vibration of the location and I can connect into whether the home, land, or environment will support the people who are desiring to inhabit it. I also do this when I rent places for my own seminars, events, retreats, vacations, or long-term stays. It’s a really special love and hobby of mine to scan through Airbnb spaces, and begin connecting with potential spots to stay in and experience.

I’ve now helped six of my clients transition out of their old homes, and into new spaces that suit who and where they are now.


I’ve supported one client and her family move from the city, to her dream country home on quiet untouched land. I’ve helped one client manifest new living situations twice in one year. I’ve even helped a client and her husband (and pets) pick up their lives and drive themselves across the country so that they could begin a new life in a city that gave them better opportunities for work, community and natural living. I’ve also seen and done this now twice for my own self, that I might even say that I’m beginning to master the art of manifesting homes, places, and spaces to live in.

What happens when I work with you is that we are clearing away the energetic pathways that are outdated, the stories that run in your mind that tell you, you can’t have that desired experience. We bring the parts of you that have been running, and wired in a fragmented state into a state of awareness that leaves you feeling more whole.

My clients often refer to this as them feeling so much clearer, so much more grounded, and really feeling at peace within themselves in relationship to what has just been revealed and cleared for them. They often feel lighter, lifted and more at ease. This is how they shift in vibrational alignment to be more in tune to their soul’s light frequencies.

When this happens, and when we have worked on an area of their life for long enough they will often feel very ready for something new. Whether that be a new relationship, a new shift or upgrade in their career, but believe it or not — I see it most often with their soul asking for a new space that their physical body can live in.

One that now matches their heightened state of awareness so that they can begin to integrate and continue to develop on this new stream of consciousness which serves them, and others at greater depths.

I didn’t know that when I began working with Vanessa for the second time around, my dream apartment was waiting for me. Soul Therapy has empowered me to transform an unforeseen and sudden turn of events into one of the most positive changes in my life. My husband and I couldn’t be happier in our new home.

I love helping my clients in this kind of a transition because I know so deeply the power of having a safe, secure, and stable home. For me, this is one of the utmost important aspects of my own self-love and self-care, and why I treat the acts of visioning, manifesting, creating, and transitioning homes with such heartfelt respect, care, and love.

I’ve moved around a lot in my life, always in search for my sense of home. Every time I am deeply reminded that home is where the heart is, but wherever my physical home space is — well, that is my heart’s home-base.

If you are someone who values home-making as much as I do and you are desiring some support in raising your heart’s vibration in order to match and energetically align to your next dream home...then I’m your lady.

Soul therapy helped break down the barriers and clear the blocks that were holding me back from who I was. Once I healed my past and created clear boundaries, I was able to be fully present to myself and what I truly wanted in my life.

 It became clear very quickly that I did not belong in the big city. I stayed for so long, seeing it as a place of “lots of opportunity”. Through Soul Therapy I soon realized what I truly longed for was time with my family, nature, calmness and freedom.

Before working with Vanessa, I wouldn’t have thought I could live in the country on a large property and not have to work. But here I am, living outside of the box, happy and free.

 I’m so grateful for what Soul Therapy Programs with Vanessa has given me. It helped me release the conditioning of “what my life should look like”, in order to manifest my dream home. — Julie Corriveau

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