feminine embodiment

Women Who Rise

{women who rise}


let it be that our wilderness becomes less of a 'thing' and more of a being

that we start to love ourselves so fiercely, the ‘wild’ appears only to evaporate

into ultimate divinity


we are wild and we are one

we are wilding 

but our wildness never left us, never gone


all we need to do is rise


in our essence, in our truth

in how we love ourselves

and how we share our love of self with the world


rising from our pitfalls

from the things that keep us stagnant and stuck

resting in our feminine energy, balancing the masculine urgency


this 'wilding' we all speak of 

how do we want it to reveal itself?


on the daily




in integrity, with authenticity


we need not to ‘re-wild’ ourselves

but only to celebrate, commemorate where we’ve been

and who we are now

where we’re going

and what’s unfolding for the holding


what are we creating now?


women of the wild, 

how do we want to rise?

— vanessa faria