Rose Clove Exfoliant {Recipe}

Here is a quick recipe I discovered after an awesome rose facial treatment at Laya Spa on Queen St. (Thanks for the inspiration!) It was the perfect little take-home DIY luxury I was searching for. It's an astringent and potent facial scrub that's great for exfoliating and removing dirt in clogged pores and leaves you feeling soft and feminine and your face bright and polished. 

Now, I usually just eyeball everything when it comes to baking, cooking or making things as I find it really fun to explore the process of creating it more than anything. However, I've made up a bit of a recipe for anyone who's been asking about it. Here it is!

Rose Clove Facial Exfoliant

- three tablespoons of a lighter organic honey

- one tablespoon of finely ground up organic clove

- four drops of organic rosehip essential oil

- a pinch of organic rose buds

Grind up the clove either by hand or in a preferred grinder. If you choose to do it by hand know that you may have some chunkier pieces fly into the mix and clove is quite a hard spice. Mix all of the ingredients together until you have a paste that is a medium thick or your personal desired consistency. Then transfer to a small jar or container and use a few times a week!