Let me find...I am your Mama.

Today I lead my heart as it wants to sway and cry and attach to dreams I can't fulfill.

Experiences that are out of reach on my own. 

May I find the other soul that will make it so. 


And yet, in ten thousand ways I am feeling like I've lost you. 

My child, I have the feeling you want to arrive. And I'm wandering in this world it seems, as though you were taken away. As though you were once mine as then all of a sudden gone. I don't know where you disappeared to..

Someone, something, somehow you were gone. 

My child, I wander in this world searching for you. All I can think is how lost I am without you. My child, my children; never leave.

Mama is here.

Mama is here, right here.

Never leave, never lose me. I am always right here.

Feel my heart how it beats full of you. Of your blood and your breath and your soul and the sparkles that light me up inside are the pieces that will make up you.

Let me find the other half of you. Let us know each other by love, let us know by the sparkles that fly out of us when we're together so we'll recognize our devotion to you. Let us find each other. All over again but different — and new. In this special time and in this special place. Let us find you.

Today my child, my darlings, my children — all of you — my heart beats and body grows and carries but a thousand threaded moments to reach you. A thousand and a million kisses, for your precious face.

I am ready. Countless hugs as strong and as loving will assure you of the wholeness that is your mama. I am your mama.

Yes, I hear you sweet child. I chose you too. Just as you have chosen me.

Everything I that I can, I will do.

I will prepare for you. In the coming weeks.

I feel you with me. 

Yes, I hear you. 

I hear you. 

Thank you for visiting, Thank you for visiting.

Out of reach on my own. Let me find the other half of you. Let us know you by love.

Let us find you.