How to Know You Need A Generational Healing™ Session


How to Know You Need A Generational Healing™ Session

I personally usually feel intuitively when I’m being called to connect with my ancestors, so I reach out to one of my colleagues for a session but I always get asked how do I know if I need a Generational Healing session? And though everyone and literally, everyone can benefit from receiving a session here’s how to know if you’re someone who needs to receive a healing from your ancestors as soon as possible and should highly consider incorporating this into your self-care routine for personal and spiritual growth.

  • You are experience fear daily. If fear is a daily experience for you, or you find you are making your decisions from a place of scarcity, lack or not feeling safe then Generational Healing™ can support you in releasing this as often these are key emotions and feelings that our ancestors have experienced time and again and are asking to be set free so that you can live a more authentic and fully expressed life. 

  • You feel stuck or blocked, physically or energetically. Often clients who come to me share that they’ve been feeling heavy and foggy. They might share that they feel confused about life and what is next for them. Or they feel like there is a great weight or burden on their shoulders, their chest, or a gut wrenching feeling in the pit of their stomach that does not go away. 

  • You experience consistent lack of motivation...even though you know that there are great things going on in your life and you know you normally would be feeling excited or inspired by what you’re doing. The feeling of disconnection can be from an ancestor who needs you to support them in their evolution and healing by receiving a Generational Healing™ session. 

  • You have physical pain, that isn’t able to either heal itself or isn’t receptive to any other forms of treatment (physiotherapy, medication, change in diet etc) Often when your body is having a difficult time responding to treatment, healing or isn’t getting better on its own. It’s because it’s trying to communicate something to you and is asking to be healed on a soul or spiritual level. It may also need emotional and mental healing and shifts to support this transformation. In relationship to Generational Healing™, it could be that your physical injury or ailment is directly related to an ancestors trauma that is asking to be healed first and foremost, at the origin. 

  • You have personally experienced a trauma in your present life. If you are someone who has experienced a lot of traumatic events in your life then Generational Healing™ can be supportive in your healing because your ancestors most likely have also experienced trauma after trauma. Coming in for a Generational Healing™ can alleviate so much of the pain, and continuous trauma that so many people experience here on Earth. 

  • You are pregnant, trying to conceive, are a new or seasoned Mother. Women who are trying to conceive or are already pregnant are at such a prime time of receiving the Generational Healing™ work because their children are asking for healing from the trauma that their Mother or future Mother carries in her bloodline. This is where we can change the cycles of suffering that repeats generation after generation. 

  • You are desiring to evolve spiritually, and you are ready to be responsible for the healing that needs to take place in your ancestral lineage. You often feel the call to change the experiences that your parents once had, and at some point in your life promised yourself never to be like your parents/caregivers in whatever way you feel that they have failed, hurt or betrayed you. You may feel the shame and guilt that is carried because of finances, sexuality, abuse, not having a home, not feeling safe, always feeling fearful and you do not want to repeat these same cycles that you’ve witnessed your parents repeat over and over. You want it to end with you. 

If you have any questions, or you’re still not sure if Generational Healing™ is exactly right for you, I offer a 20-minute complimentary consultation by phone to discuss your unique situation. Book Your Complimentary Consultation Here:

When we connect I will be able to connect with your ancestors and confirm whether or not this method of healing would be best suited for you.