Use Your Medicine, Womban

A Channeling from the Divine Grandmothers,

to her Wild Earth Daughters


"Each woman carries a unique and potent medicine residing in her womb. This is a configuration and sacred genetic code that is passed down from the ancients in her bloodline. 

Your womb is the portal of which you can directly connect to the women in your lineage who have come before you." — Deborah Skye King

Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™

For the last few days on my moon-time I have received strong instruction to just sit and receive the messages, the gifts, and the spiritual prowess of my ancestors. The first day of my period as soon as I sat down after hearing the call to be in ceremony I was instantly hit with an overwhelming and nurturing wave of love from the women who watch over me in spirit. Their first robust words to me being,

“Oh sweet child, you have no idea where we’re going. So sit down, …we’ll take it from here.”

And then just like that I was off and completely immersed in their teachings. Not able to move from one spot for hours, I was so content and at ease in their energetic embrace that I didn’t even get up to eat or shift positions. Now, they did not flood me with images but they did share with me one major teaching to be shared and expressed to all of you — Use Your Medicine, Woman. 

They shared with me that I have all of the power from within my womb to heal my entire being. My body, my emotions, my mind, and my spirit. So does every woman. Right there, in the base of her abdomen is a chalice made of the purest gold you could ever ask for. The golden chalice is made to hold and carry some of the richest wine you might ever taste. The deepest red, to match the depth of her complexity and wild Earth nature. Her womb carries life-blood. Her womb creates all life. She is your creative centre, and the space that heals you, clears you, and renews you from within. She can grow most beautiful and incredible things, and with this power she asks you for your highest honouring.


When you bleed, sit and know her. 

Many women today do not allow themselves the opportunity to be fully immersed in the art of bleeding. They run around in frantic energy, constantly busying themselves, full of doubt, worry, and mistrust. Even if they are unconscious to it, fear and scarcity run their lives. 

The Grandmothers share that being in this state fosters an even further disconnect from our bodies, and from our internal wisdom. It creates an even greater distance between spirit, soul and body. After my own deepening over the last few days with my ancestors, my body, and my personal healing — I can not stress to you enough the importance of connecting to your own womb, (and body) at the beginning of each cycle. I can hardly articulate in words how I am left in absolute awe and gratitude for the ability to receive and connect to both myself, and my ancestors in this way, and the fact that this opportunity renews itself each and every month is such a blessing. 

I’ve heard stories from women close to me, how they decided to skip their periods for months by strategically taking birth control because the “timing wasn’t right” and they didn’t want to be “bothered by it”. Hearing stories like these saddens my heart immensely. Especially, because another strong part of The Grandmothers’ teaching was that,

“You can not plan or control nature”

Nature will come, will blossom, will fall apart, will destroy, will grow, will renew as it wants and needs to. Her intelligence knows nor follows an imposed schedule of ours. She delivers what we need, exactly when we need it. No sooner, no later. So, remind yourselves that even if you think you know something, the chances are you do not. A very humbling, and rewarding place to be if you can fully immerse yourself in the place of learning and receiving.

Thank you sweet womb for slowing me down long enough to receive you. To feel your heart and value. Thank you for being the portal to my ancestry and for supporting all of my healing. Thank you for engraving into me the great power of surrender. I love you. I am yours. I am one with your essence. I honour and protect you. I nurture you and care for you always.  

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.