~ Annie, Are You Okay? ~

Last night in my dream-space, I was immersed in a forest with friends and all of a sudden a small black porcupine shape-shifted into a large grey wolf. I had quickly moved across the field to join another woman who was working…and from a distance I watched the wolf approach my friends for they were all eating, and this wolf had travelled far. Hunger beckoned her near.

Out of fear, one of the women in the group took an axe to her head and neck. Not enough to dismember her, but enough to shed blood and enrage her. I watched as she began to cry, growl and tear down nearby trees with her mighty strength around the humans. 

Upon seeing this, I called her by name, "Annie" from across the way. I knew her deeply, she came close to me and the other woman and we ran water so she could clean herself and begin healing.

I continued to comfort her, “It’s okay Annie. You’re okay.”

Soon, after rest and some food she was ready to venture out again.

This time, I would go with her.

I followed Annie out into the meadow. I walked much slower than her, but she would never leave me out of sight. We reached a little forest where there were many wolves and their people. Brown, black, red, white, all of them playing and wolfing around. Annie joined in, she was instantly happy to have found more of her tribe. I watched them all in awe and in wonder. We were just supposed to be passing through, but I saw how much light and love it brought Annie to be with her kind.

I was slightly saddened but continued onwards on my own. I knew that Annie would be happier and more at peace if she stayed with her clan. But as she caught me already on my way, she whimpered. She looked up and took it all in for a moment... Then she ran. Racing as fast as she could to join me. Annie, I love you.

Thank you for your wolf medicine. Thank you for teaching me the lessons I'm needing on loyalty, companionship, deep friendship, and strong love.
Thank you for revealing to me more of my purpose here, to protect and care for all beings.

Always, my dearest friend. Until we meet again. 
Hopefully soon, sweet pup. 



What are your experiences of animals connecting to you in your dreamtime? 

Please comment below, I'd love to hear your own experiences. 



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