RELEASE & RESTORE with Vanessa Faria & Darren Austin Hall


with Vanessa Faria & Darren Austin Hall 

Our signature class of active myo-fascial RELEASE and trigger point therapy with an incredible addition of crystal bowl sound healing to RESTORE your inner radiance. 

Join Vanessa & Darren as they guide and lead a unique healing journey using tools of movement, active&passive release, shaking&rolling, sound healing and meditation. In this special evening, Vanessa will guide a restful restorative class and offer hands-on healing through the means of reiki and cranial sacral therapy, while Darren fills the magical church in his blissful sound bath and chakra toning to harmonize our centres. 

We’ll explore and venture into a land of swimmingly deep para-sympathetics and vibrational realignment to boost your summer body, mind and spirits! #mysticmisfits 


When: Wednesday August 19th from 7:45pm - 9:45pm


Investment: EARLY BIRDS before August 5th - $35 

GENERAL after August 5th - $45

Space is LIMITED

Please pre-register to secure your space on our Eventbrite >>>

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Both spiritual healers and guides, Darren & Vanessa are passionate about sharing their love for deep, slow and juicy moving practices such as yoga, pilates and dance in a playful way. They love to find the integrative and collaborative bridges between physical and spiritual praxis that allow us to feel our best selves and bring that feeling out into the world. 


Let them share an evening with you! This is an event meant to offer boundless inspiration and rejuvenation to your entire being - from ethers to toes!