Creature Calls...

The Creatures are calling...

A dream awoke me this morning and could hardly believe myself at first and then, somewhere between sleep and awakening I knew it was a call.

I dreamt I was playing with the majestic pink dolphin. The one who so sensitively understands my every need and nuzzles herself into my heart, offering to let me ride her through the waves of the amazon river. 

Found on Google sourced to 

Found on Google sourced to 

I could hear her vibrational messages. Her tone was rich and astute and though underneath deep water, clear as crystal to the energetic ears. She looked me straight in the eyes so that we could both see each other.
So we could share our souls.

She is pure love.
She is pure magic.
What a blessing and a gift. 

The wisdom of our creatures are so alive, and so ready to share their love with us as long as we are open and welcoming enough to listen and go forth with them, into and towards the light. They will speak, they will howl, they will stare, they will play. 

When was the last time you stared another living being directly in the eyes and had a conversation with their soul?