{Soul Therapy} Choosing A Creative Life

We are all creative beings by nature.
There's no escaping or getting around it. 

However, when you look at your every day experiences, are you consciously or unconsciously creating them? 

Do they go something like this? 

You wake up in the morning and take a deep breath. You feel into your body, and check in with how she's feeling. You let her assimilate her dream journeys and before you get out your bed you set a clear, loving intention for your day. You let yourself dream up and visualize yourself completing steps towards some of your life's grander goals. You connect with your partner gently and lovingly, before you get on with your routine. You move mindfully, and slowly so that you can be present to anything that needs your attention. Your children, your lover, or your body. You make your coffee and even if it's to-go you're grounded and ready to get in your car and drive. Once in your car you set a clear intention to have a smooth, safe, and efficient ride. This makes you easily go with the flow of the traffic and you arrive early to work to begin your day. You feel ready to connect, to share, engage and receive with your fellow colleagues and clients. 

Or are they more often than not playing out like this? 

You wake up groggy and feeling sickened by the thought of getting up to begin your day, but you get yourself up anyways and head straight for your coffee to help you enliven. Your partner says something to you that sets you off completely and you end up getting into an argument before spilling your coffee all over your favourite blouse. Frustrated, and even more angry you're now thinking it's going to be, "One of those days". But you hurry on before you're late for work, but now you can't find your keys. And someone calls you with some news. You get in your car and drive, and though you're listening to your favourite podcast you get distracted and almost get into an accident. Finally...you arrive at work and you're feeling pissed off, and wanting to isolate by shutting down. 

When you look around at all of the creative folks in your life, and wonder why you're not as creative as them...it's only because choosing to live a creative life takes conscious effort and consistent dedication.

This means that you seek out opportunities in your life to practice your creative power. It means that you inspire and infuse your everyday mundane tasks with the energy of your life force so that you can enjoy them!  

Conscious creativity is such an incredible experience when you can let yourself be in that space. 


As an artist, and a Licensed Soul Therapist I am someone who has been learning for the last few years what it means to really infuse your creative spirit into all of your creations. It has been a long-standing process that I continue to explore, with an in-depth curiosity to continuously embody.

What I am currently engaged with is how creativity is something you have to dedicate yourself to practising, (just like yoga or meditation) if you want it to become infused in your daily musings. World renowned choreographer, Twyla Tharp, speaks wonders on this and so much more in her book The Creative Habit, which I highly recommend for you. 

When you are living in your creative power something incredible happens...Your fears, your doubts, your insecurities — they all take a back seat, if even for just a moment.

Creativity and fear are common scene partners, but one can not speak at the exact same time as the other. I believe that being in a creative state more often, also leads to being less affected by the power of fear. 

Glastonbury Tor in Avalon, United Kingdom - May 2017

Glastonbury Tor in Avalon, United Kingdom - May 2017

My wish is for many more women to be able to connect to and fully embrace their creative power; in their businesses, in their artistic endeavours, as parents, in their homes, and even in their relationships.

If right now you don't believe you can make something happen because you're "not ready", or you're "not good enough", or you "just can't do it" for a number of reasons...then let's chat and begin a new conversation. 

If in your heart you feel you are an artist, an entrepreneur, or a mama but you don't feel or see your life's desires taking shape and manifesting in the physical world, know that I can support you in bringing your creative spirit to life. 

If somewhere deep down you have creative desires and ideas that have been sitting on the shelves gathering dust, and you keep hearing their whispers to come down and be completed, I can support you in clearing out the cobwebs and help you release the things that are holding you back from living your most creative and magical expression. 

And trust me, there is magic that happens when you're willing to invest and dedicate yourself to the creative process.

We can do this a few ways. By enrolling in Soul Therapy Programs, I am able to guide you personally to listen to the truth of your soul and spirit so that you can begin to honour her and fulfill all of her desires. 

You have the following three program offerings to choose from. Click each one, and take some quiet time to read and connect with what activates your heart. 


My desire is to serve women who have strong visions, dreams, and creations just waiting to come to life! 

I want to see your spirit shine and hear your heart sing with joy. I want to see you basking in the power of your creativity. I want to see you sharing your creative gifts with this world. 

Thank you for opening up and trusting me to be your guide. 

Love Always,

Use Your Medicine, Womban

A Channeling from the Divine Grandmothers,

to her Wild Earth Daughters


"Each woman carries a unique and potent medicine residing in her womb. This is a configuration and sacred genetic code that is passed down from the ancients in her bloodline. 

Your womb is the portal of which you can directly connect to the women in your lineage who have come before you." — Deborah Skye King

Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™

For the last few days on my moon-time I have received strong instruction to just sit and receive the messages, the gifts, and the spiritual prowess of my ancestors. The first day of my period as soon as I sat down after hearing the call to be in ceremony I was instantly hit with an overwhelming and nurturing wave of love from the women who watch over me in spirit. Their first robust words to me being,

“Oh sweet child, you have no idea where we’re going. So sit down, …we’ll take it from here.”

And then just like that I was off and completely immersed in their teachings. Not able to move from one spot for hours, I was so content and at ease in their energetic embrace that I didn’t even get up to eat or shift positions. Now, they did not flood me with images but they did share with me one major teaching to be shared and expressed to all of you — Use Your Medicine, Woman. 

They shared with me that I have all of the power from within my womb to heal my entire being. My body, my emotions, my mind, and my spirit. So does every woman. Right there, in the base of her abdomen is a chalice made of the purest gold you could ever ask for. The golden chalice is made to hold and carry some of the richest wine you might ever taste. The deepest red, to match the depth of her complexity and wild Earth nature. Her womb carries life-blood. Her womb creates all life. She is your creative centre, and the space that heals you, clears you, and renews you from within. She can grow most beautiful and incredible things, and with this power she asks you for your highest honouring.


When you bleed, sit and know her. 

Many women today do not allow themselves the opportunity to be fully immersed in the art of bleeding. They run around in frantic energy, constantly busying themselves, full of doubt, worry, and mistrust. Even if they are unconscious to it, fear and scarcity run their lives. 

The Grandmothers share that being in this state fosters an even further disconnect from our bodies, and from our internal wisdom. It creates an even greater distance between spirit, soul and body. After my own deepening over the last few days with my ancestors, my body, and my personal healing — I can not stress to you enough the importance of connecting to your own womb, (and body) at the beginning of each cycle. I can hardly articulate in words how I am left in absolute awe and gratitude for the ability to receive and connect to both myself, and my ancestors in this way, and the fact that this opportunity renews itself each and every month is such a blessing. 

I’ve heard stories from women close to me, how they decided to skip their periods for months by strategically taking birth control because the “timing wasn’t right” and they didn’t want to be “bothered by it”. Hearing stories like these saddens my heart immensely. Especially, because another strong part of The Grandmothers’ teaching was that,

“You can not plan or control nature”

Nature will come, will blossom, will fall apart, will destroy, will grow, will renew as it wants and needs to. Her intelligence knows nor follows an imposed schedule of ours. She delivers what we need, exactly when we need it. No sooner, no later. So, remind yourselves that even if you think you know something, the chances are you do not. A very humbling, and rewarding place to be if you can fully immerse yourself in the place of learning and receiving.

Thank you sweet womb for slowing me down long enough to receive you. To feel your heart and value. Thank you for being the portal to my ancestry and for supporting all of my healing. Thank you for engraving into me the great power of surrender. I love you. I am yours. I am one with your essence. I honour and protect you. I nurture you and care for you always.  

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Love Yourself Now

Sometimes you hit your all-time lows to reach new levels of self-love.

Of course you love yourself when you're high! When you're traveling, when you make a new sale, or your family is all getting along, or your lover brings you flowers, or you've made some big milestones in your business. When you perform for a full house, or you've just given birth to your first-born. It is notably easier to love yourself then. 

Credit: Creating Light Studio

Credit: Creating Light Studio

But what happens to that love when you're feeling weak, tired and run down? Where is your own love when you're being a complete shit-head to the people you care about most? Or when you're in a creative rut and you're feeling really stuck with moving forward that you just keep sabotaging your own work? What about when you've lost your motivation and will to live? 

Do you love yourself then? Or do you say things that break your own heart? Do you continue to put yourself down? Will you abandon yourself?


We fall and we crumble, to keep ourselves humble. 


Humility is in knowing our fragility. It's in our losses, and our failures, and our mistakes that we learn to love our true self - uninhibited. It's in our waves of ups and downs that we remember: Oh yes, I'm in a human body right now. 

Because it goes like this: When we're high we forget about our physical human form, and when we're low we forget about our God-ly spiritual essences. So let's remember. 

Let it be in desperation that we might re-instate our vows, to love ourselves unconditionally. This is where our level of self-love deepens. This is the cycle of your evolution. Love stronger, softer, wiser, brighter when you're down. 


Here is where it counts. Do not wait for tomorrow, and tomorrow. Love yourself now. 

"I Didn't Understand Soul Therapy" - My Experience With Vanessa

I didn’t understand Soul Therapy. So I attended Vanessa’s Awakening Your Authentic Self Weekend Seminar and was completely surprised by the results.

Soul Therapy is something I only heard about for the first time a month or two ago. I knew I might get something out of it, but had not considered it something I really needed.

I know my knee injury needs some therapy… but my soul? 

I’m an entrepreneur and sustainability professional. I spend 100% of my time trying to think about everything in my professional and personal life in a logical and analyzed way. Recently, I have been spending most of my days feeling stressed out and anxious about my startup and the very real possibility that our idea doesn’t work. I wasn’t finding happiness or peace in my days. I thought that changing my workspace, and structuring my days to include meditation was the answer to reducing my stress but it wasn’t really working...

The first day of the Soul Therapy seminar I went in completely blind to what the day would consist of. We gathered at Vanessa’s home studio, sitting in a circle however we felt most comfortable, with cups of tea and blankets. There were two other participants, and each one of us was given a booklet. In this booklet was a list of questions, divided into different categories ranging from the Mental Mind to the Soul. Under each category were questions all about self reflection… And to be honest, they addressed parts of myself I had never even thought of. We went through the questions one at a time, having an opportunity to write down our answers, then took turns to share them with the group and get feedback and guidance from Vanessa. This was the format for the entire weekend, and I still can’t believe how eye opening it was. 

Not only was I able to connect with other women and learn from them, but I learned so much more about myself than I had ever expected. I shared very intimate experiences, emotions and realizations that I had never shared with anyone before (not even myself), and completely opened myself up to the experience. One of my biggest realizations was that my own mental state and thoughts are limiting my own peace and freedom. I feel on edge and stressed out all the time because I allow these thoughts to spiral out of control and distract me consistently.

“How am I going to get everything done… What if I fail… I don’t have time to meditate… I can’t relax until I get my list for the day done...”

I learned that the life I want to be living, (which is enjoying my day-to-day and being centered) isn’t about achieving that “professional success” but rather how I think about my life and my thoughts. And giving myself time to relax and enjoy the moment. 

The day after the seminar, something very interesting happened. Someone in a meeting told me a completely new definition for sustainability, which was getting away from the ‘Angry Environmentalist Syndrome’ and including Personal and Spiritual well-being. I had never heard of this before and couldn’t believe the coincidence considering the weekend I had just had. I mentioned the my experience at the seminar to this professional and she replied, “It’s no coincidence… Just open yourself up to the universe and everything will fall into place. You’ll be surprised by the results”

This weekend provided me with the opportunity for true self reflection. I will continue to attend similar events of this nature, learn about Soul therapy and work on what I have learned. Vanessa told me this weekend would change my life, and she was right.

I truly believe this experience is something everyone should have. And even if Soul Therapy is something you have never heard of before, sign up and give it a try. Because as long as you go in with an open mind, I guarantee it is something you will benefit from. 

As for me… It’s the beginning of a new chapter, as I grow into a new woman.

~ Annie, Are You Okay? ~

Last night in my dream-space, I was immersed in a forest with friends and all of a sudden a small black porcupine shape-shifted into a large grey wolf. I had quickly moved across the field to join another woman who was working…and from a distance I watched the wolf approach my friends for they were all eating, and this wolf had travelled far. Hunger beckoned her near.

Out of fear, one of the women in the group took an axe to her head and neck. Not enough to dismember her, but enough to shed blood and enrage her. I watched as she began to cry, growl and tear down nearby trees with her mighty strength around the humans. 

Upon seeing this, I called her by name, "Annie" from across the way. I knew her deeply, she came close to me and the other woman and we ran water so she could clean herself and begin healing.

I continued to comfort her, “It’s okay Annie. You’re okay.”

Soon, after rest and some food she was ready to venture out again.

This time, I would go with her.

I followed Annie out into the meadow. I walked much slower than her, but she would never leave me out of sight. We reached a little forest where there were many wolves and their people. Brown, black, red, white, all of them playing and wolfing around. Annie joined in, she was instantly happy to have found more of her tribe. I watched them all in awe and in wonder. We were just supposed to be passing through, but I saw how much light and love it brought Annie to be with her kind.

I was slightly saddened but continued onwards on my own. I knew that Annie would be happier and more at peace if she stayed with her clan. But as she caught me already on my way, she whimpered. She looked up and took it all in for a moment... Then she ran. Racing as fast as she could to join me. Annie, I love you.

Thank you for your wolf medicine. Thank you for teaching me the lessons I'm needing on loyalty, companionship, deep friendship, and strong love.
Thank you for revealing to me more of my purpose here, to protect and care for all beings.

Always, my dearest friend. Until we meet again. 
Hopefully soon, sweet pup. 



What are your experiences of animals connecting to you in your dreamtime? 

Please comment below, I'd love to hear your own experiences. 



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