the ultimate surrender : 30 days of active art & passive practice

the ultimate surrender (5).png
the ultimate surrender (5).png

the ultimate surrender : 30 days of active art & passive practice


Maybe it was the time you fell to your knees in the middle of a busy street and let yourself cry for a minute or two, kind-of-surrender...

Or was it the moment your sweet babe entered the world, took their first breath and looked you in the eyes that asked you for your ultimate surrender? 

The time you lost your best friend to any undesirable circumstance, and knew in your heart life would never be the same again, kind-of-surrender? 

surrender your heart

WHO: anyone who feels the resonance


  • 30 days of surrender : includes daily emails filled with creative guidance + inspired insight + essential oil support
  • four live online video calls : filled with sacred teachings, practice & ceremony — aligned with the moon & among community 

WHEN: January 24th — February 23rd 2018

half-moon to half-moon {the mid-way point is the sweet spot — because you aren’t quite empty, and you’re not exactly full. it’s the space in-between that asks for our most ultimate surrender. so we’ll begin and end, here.} 

Live Online Calls: 

January 24th 7pm EST — Opening

January 31st 7pm EST — Total Lunar Eclipse Ceremony 

February 15th 7pm EST — Partial Solar Eclipse Ceremony

February 23rd 7pm EST — Closing

{If you can not join us live, you’ll receive all of the recordings the following day.}

WHY: because your life is always asking you to surrender into being, and I want this year to be beyond incredible. the more you understand your unique versions of surrendering and how the precious balance of action and passivity show up for you — the easier you’ll find flow in manifesting your best creations for 2018.

HOW: Send your investment and exchange offering of $170 to 

Once you have enrolled you’ll receive a welcome email with instructions, and links to our upcoming calls together. That’s it, that’s all! 

Thank you for your love & trust.