Generational Healing™ Sessions

Does your family cause you to feel guilty, shame, sadness or loneliness?


Your ancestors past emotional pain is stored within your DNA. What if you learned that the pain in your back, your knee, the physical weight that you carry or the constant headaches are due to an ancestors unhealed trauma that your genetics still carry? That would be a revolutionary breakthrough and a relief in understanding where the source of your physical, mental or emotional pain comes from.

Scientists now understand how the genetics of your ancestors effect your physical, emotional and mental behaviour and patterns. Trauma experienced by earlier generations can influence the structure of our genes, making them more likely to “switch on” negative responses to stress and trauma.

Hormones and glands at any age can be affected by past abuse and trauma. You inherit these genes from your ancestors, they can cause you to struggle emotionally or physically today with issues. These experiences can be healed.


During your Generational Healing™ Session you will be asked a couple of questions about your family lineage, what is ailing you and what it is that you are experiencing in your life that you would like to change. You will then lay down comfortably in a peaceful, relaxing and quiet healing space with relaxing music to begin your session. Sessions last for one hour. Any questions that may arise during your session or afterwards you may openly ask only if it is in relation to the work being done. The best way to receive this work is by opening your heart and mind, allowing the ancestors to do the healing work that they desire to be released and experience the benefits of feeling lighter, happier, more relaxed and at ease.

“I’ve been working on my health for five years. I’ve tried many different things to try and provoke a reaction from my immune system. I would have never guessed that working with Vanessa through Generational Healing™ would be such a profound shift. Every time I see her - I have big emotional and physical changes in my body. If i had known what she could do before I started this journey, I would have worked with her first to prepare the physical landscape. It’s the spirit / soul that holds the key to physical and mental wellness. I have know doubt that her work can help with any problem that you have. Truly, an AH HA moment. On top of that she creates a very safe, thoughtful space for the healing to take place.
Highly recommended! You must see her!”
— Zain Burgess
I gained many deep insights during the experience and came out with a sense of clearing from some of the key emotional and physical issues I had been struggling with.
— Amber Ellis