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Dancing In Ruins ~ Intuitive Movement & Sacred Feminine Retreat

Take yourself back on a journey through time to connect with and re-awaken your body temple. Dancing In Ruins is an offering that will remind you of your physical connection to the ancient memory that runs deep within. 

Travel to historic ruins and absorb the inspiration and re-enchantment of your creative spirit. 

The magic that Ancient Greece has to share with you is absolutely immeasurable. 

You will be guided in opening up energy pathways in your physical body and energetic being, so as to receive and deeply connect with the treasures that these sacred sites provide, while freeing yourself to embody the musings of your creative spirit. 

A unique opportunity to express yourself fully through movement in an intimate group of women overseas. You will be inspired and feel fully alive among sacred locations such as the monasteries of Meteora, the sacred Temple of Delphi, the Acropolis and more. 


What’s Included:

  • 2-Day Trip to Delphi & Meteora Monasteries
  • 3-Day Voyage to Santorini Island 
  • Entrance Fees to Ceremonial Sites
  • Accommodations with hotel breakfasts
  • Intuitive Movement with Vanessa Faria in sacred sites 
  • Intimate facilitation, guidance and teachings with Vanessa Faria


What’s Not Included:

  • All Airfare & Taxes — Flights from your location to hotel in Athens, Greece
  • All meals, personal spending & activities 
  • Tips to Shamans, Hotels or Guides
  • Taxis

For more information and to reserve your spot please email 

Travel with purpose and immerse yourself in the Greek history, art, and culture.

Vanessa will also be sharing the mythology and teachings of the Gods & Goddesses that once ruled the lands of Ancient Greece.

These teachings will be shared right in the heart of our adventures and therefore will be magnified by the architectural structures and land herself. 

Ancient Greece is filled with Goddess energy and this is a most special place to reunite with your feminine essence and fully embody her.


~ 6 Women Only ~


Vanessa is deeply passionate about leading women on immersive sacred journeys. She uses her professional training in contemporary dance, Licensed Soul Therapist & Spiritual Guide to offer you her most sacred and heartfelt practices. Join her in connecting with the spaces that are often seen as desolate, neglected, or left unnoticed but that hold such special magic and share great wisdom.

Moving in these spaces opens up portals and energy pathways that allows you to access the depth of your being and supports you in embodying the sacred feminine essences of the land.