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Leading with Love ~ Sacred Feminine Leadership Online Training

Leading with Love ~ Sacred Feminine Leadership Training for Women 

4-Part Online Webinar Series from the comfort of your home with Licensed Soul Therapist Vanessa Faria

Awakening Your Ethereal Heart : March 8th — 8pm EST

The Power of Commitment : March 15th — 8pm EST

Embodying Your Feminine Essence : March 22nd — 8pm EST

Leading with Love : March 29th — 8pm EST


Purchase all four trainings here and receive your registration links to each training:


Are you a female entrepreneur who works to support and guide women? Are you a woman who finds herself in leadership roles and still feels uncomfortable being fully yourself? Are you a teacher, mentor, parent, boss who desires to feel more confident, inspired, and honoured as a woman sharing her gifts with the world? 

What if you could know yourself deeply as a sacred feminine leader? 

This course is for women who desire to feel more empowered in their roles as a leader. Let me show you how leading with love will inspire, and offer you the space to be a more effective and compassionate leader. Being in the space of love, will directly open up the opportunity to receive and to inspire your clients, colleagues, and loved ones to be more connected and centred in their respective journeys.


Module 1 — Awakening Your Ethereal Heart 

Grounding into your centred heart-space to connect your mind to your body.

Feel in your own body the incredible benefits of being in love


Module 2 — The Power of Commitment

Committing to yourself and how this offers you the experience of freedom, and offers others the space to do the same through self-love


Module 3 — Embodying Your Feminine Essence

Expressing your femininity and balancing your masculine energy to be able to truly receive abundance, and the experiences that your soul and spirit crave

How embodying your feminine essence allows you to lead with more clarity, pleasure, ease, and grace


Module 4 — Leading with Love 

Serving and leading from your legacy of love

Your personalized sacred leadership plan that will support you in seeing, feeling and owning your unique skills and traits as a sacred feminine leader

You will complete this training knowing and feeling exactly how it is your feminine essence can shine through in your leadership. You will be able to apply this sacred feminine in your relationships, in your career, with your children, and in any position where you are supporting, guiding or inspiring others. I’ve created this course for women who find themselves in leadership roles and are desiring to break free of social norms and limiting conditions of what it means to be a leader. These old paradigms are outdated and only benefit certain groups of people, and it’s time now to support and allow a greater expansion in sacred leadership. 

If you are a woman who is desiring to be more in flow and understanding how to be more connected to your feminine power, these four sessions will help you in knowing when to rest, and when to take action — when to receive and when to give. You’ll experience first-hand the benefits and shifts that arrive when you are leading with your personalized feminine essence and deeply connected to what you love. Learn how to trust in seeing things through and bringing what you desire into full manifestation while staying grounded and present in your heart. 

Learn how to Lead with Love. 

Reserve your spot today as space is limited!