Coming to Be: Creature Wisdom - Retreat Series For Women

When Priscilla Filipe (of Intentions Yoga Studio) and I, first came up with this idea we were very keen on finding a way to bring women into an awareness that allows them to love and honour their dark sides. We’re using the metaphor of the creature to represent the parts of us we don’t always like to share. The parts of us that we keep hidden. The parts of us that are shy to reveal themselves in the dead of winter, and sometimes all year round. 

So we’ve created an ongoing series retreat that will provide a safe and soothing opportunity to discover our inner worlds. 

I remember a dear friend who once told me about a man she dated who thought of her as a ‘beautiful creature’. I remember feeling so thrilled hearing that phrase because it encompassed what my understanding and exploration of myself was at the time. I was in limbo with how both sides of myself could work and play out in harmony. Embracing paradoxes has always been an engaging challenge of mine…and so creating a platform to dive in and embody the known magnificence and radiance of being a woman, as well as the sometimes terrifying animalistic characteristics that arise or imaginative mysticism that we have been known to keep under wraps — is of utmost excitement! 

Within each of us are fascinating and wise beings — ‘beautiful creatures’ which in fact, if we lean into and listen for, will relay us the messages we need to bring forward our depth and true wholeness. 

My intention for this series of days is to make the space ring with safety, love, and support for all women to express and transform freely. Throughout the series and the weeks in-between we will be dedicated to exploring some of the creatures in our natural world we most relate with, and how we can use some of their primal characteristics to make us feel more empowered and sturdy in our walk through life. 


It is my hope that by the end of this three week series you understand yourself a little better, and you feel grounded in your own chaos, forgiving of your own messes, welcoming your shadow phases and that you can walk alongside them in your journey towards light. 

I hope too, that you discover something exquisite that has since been neglected or forgotten so that you may remember and reclaim it as a part of you. 

Even something dark and grotesque can be beautiful... 

Even something dark and grotesque can be beautiful... 

I am especially so excited that I get to co-faciliate with Priscilla — who has such an incredible skill-set the unique experience of grief counselling in many forms, as well as her astute yoga practice and guidance that reverberates in authenticity through her leadership and ability to connect to others. It’s through our common loves of movement, ritual, nature, and the compassion for humanity that we strive to offer you a place to enjoy yourself; to heal, unwind, play and express some of your innermost creativity and wildness! 


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